A Matter Of Perspective

May 10, 2010

One summer evening, lucid in sleep, I’m woken to the noise of chattering children….All of a sudden, in the darkness I’m troubled by faltering rotations of an old rattling fan, the sound of water gushing out on the floor, and the careless ticking of the clock…. The passing away of precious time. The break from my hectic, tiresome life, into my world of dreams has shattered. I lose hope of all sleep and get back and move, and that ugly feeling sinks in yet again.

We all identify with that, don’t we? The hollow feeling in the pit of the stomach, the aching heart, the burdened mind, the feeling of being mechanical, and everything good coming to an end….all leading to one conclusion, life’s tedious, it’s dragging and you’re in it alone.

However, it’s life, so it must go on, it doesn’t wait to hear, the song of the soul, steadily moves forward…Well, and so be it. I get up and move out in the open, so that all my senses wake up again, to continue work. I walk out, and hear the sound of the wind, the wind blowing against the leaves….I look up to a perfectly blue sky, and birds soaring through it, I hear the musical hum of bees, the chirping of birds and the chattering… which now seem like careless whispers of little children, their expression of the joy of life, portraying clear hearts and callous, unburdened minds. I drift back into the sands of time, and memories of my own childhood, the chattering in parks, the water fights, the picnics, the walks, all come back to me with renewed force. I leisure in my past, bask in it’s glorifying beauty, and intuitively, quietly, my eyes are filled with teardrops….. Maybe life isn’t bad after all.



  1. Very well written murph :’)
    Love you!

    • YAY!!!!!

    • thanks for the scheme n everything!!!

  2. Hey.. congrats for your first blog… keep up the good work.. and i have already read all of them before and needless to say, they are damn neat… congrats and all d best… love you !!!

  3. very cool indeed sista!
    see finally i did manage to read your blog. well done!

  4. nice shweta. publicize your blog more

    • i ll change the name… what else to do?? megs you re the best.. you always ccome up with constructive stuff.. love you for polishing me..

  5. Ur dam good. Another JK Rowling in the Making .

    • haha you bet…i wish that were true…

  6. well done sweetie…………u write really well………keep me posted for all your blogs………

  7. I started going through your blog and after 20 minutes of reading i was disappointed. 5 articles? No posts after 2010? Wasn’t journo a passion (I assume print)? Feed us with more content… por favor

    Ps. You do write well 😀

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