May 10, 2010

In labyrinth allies, and pitch black nights,

I add the sparkle and the light.

Or in the lives of the rich you ‘ll find,

Ill fated things,just of my kind.

You look at me with hateful eyes,

Fill me  with shame and despise,

But that s the story in the sun shine,

In the darkest hour, you want to be mine.

From me you ll want your greatest pleasure,

Or simply share your secrets’ treasure,

Burn me with cigarettes  and act insane,

To watch me whimper and cry in pain.

To satisfy your deepest desire,

I’m served to you on a bed of fire,

Or keep you warm in the winter’s cold,

Every passing night, I change my mould

Purging the society, but yet impure,

The mother of a child you never bore,

I am a service and nothing more,

A pseudo woman, a slut, a whore.



  1. lovely !!!

  2. awesome shwets.. 🙂 gud start!!! 🙂

    • thanks baby… i guess i shud blog more ..

  3. Wow!! You are a poet beyond praise!!

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