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The Balance

May 8, 2010

As young adults, we experience much that life has to offer. Everyday, a new beginning unfolds, gets imprinted in our hearts and minds and wraps us over. Every moment is a lesson, a story, waiting to tell itself. It is only when we keep our eyes and ears open, that we are able to sense what is in it for us, and rightfully claim it. In meeting new people, in doing new things, in exploring a new place, there is everyone’s share of learning, a message. If we pick it up we become responsive to our environment and human in the right sense of the term. It is these big small experiences of life that are the greatest teacher. They serve to distinguish the right from the wrong. We must not be passive in living through these experiences or we deprive ourselves of the joy of being a human being.

The insignia on my school badge read “let your light shine”. It was a profound message with a profound significance. And, in reflection I realise that many unfailing truths of life were learnt in school and they can have a life transforming value for anyone who cares to unravel the mysteries behind them. The point here is that there is nothing like darkness, only and absence of light and similarily nothing like evil, only an absence of good. Personally, I would want to look at my life this way, believing in the power of good. I believe that there can be no evil around me if I keep no room for it. Whether we choose to let the positive take over the negative is a very conscious choice for everyone to make. Consequently, to make this a world a better place than what it was when we came , we must light a candle, instead of cursing the darkness.


Having said that, I also believe that there is certain imperfectness in the universe. It is an inherent part of nature. Thus, for a human to be infallible is an unrealistic proposition. What, we can do however, is to strive for the best. And in doing so, it is important to bear in mind that everything cannot be judged in black and white. It is the shades of grey that make up most of our deliberate actions. Thus it is imperative to realize that extremes of anything, even good is unreasonable, as we may fail in applying the same extreme standards to ourselves that we apply while evaluating others.

There is nothing wrong in lacking somewhere, but acknowledgement of imperfection must be conceded to and a constant endeavor for improvement must be sought. And since every challenge is an opportunity and every failure a lesson, it is hard to go wrong.

I believe man is capable of having the most fulfilling existence, because no matter how much he accomplishes, there is always more he can deliver. He has an indomitable spirit, and that’s what makes him the determinant of the good and the evil in the universe.